Roots Rock Reggae

From an early age, Innocent Galinoma began his musical career in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Embracing reggae at its infancy, he began blending the sounds of the traditional music with the hard hitting reggae beats. Singing in both Kiswahili and English, his message of liberation emerged as a dominant theme. He spoke of freedom and the need to break from the existing oppressive regimes that dominated the landscape. His message glorified Africa with its rich resources of both land and culture.


After migrating to Minnesota in the late 1980’s, he formed the band Les Exodus. Teaming with an international set of musicians hailing from all over the Caribbean and Africa, Innocent began to record and perform across the USA. He began opening for major international acts and cultivated a sizable following in the Twin Cities area.


Due to the death of his father, he returned to Tanzania for a 2010 to 2012. He continued to grow his following in Africa, where his is a household name throughout Tanzania.


With five recordings under his belt, his songwriting is notable and his delivery memorable. In the truest form of roots, rock reggae, his songs are packed with authenticity and thought-provoking lyrics. His landmark song “Kilamanjaro” reflects on the beauty of his homeland and the desperation created by corruption despite the rich resources at hand. The “United States of Africa” projects a unity to harness the vast natural resources found in the continent.


With a vocal delivery reminiscent of Bob Marley, his live performance is captivating. He engages the audience immediately and holds them rapt throughout the show. Whether playing his original repertoire or a Bob Marley review, Innocent presents roots reggae on the highest level.